June Smart
Energy Module

Discover the perfect plug-and-play solution for
detailed energy metering and smart grid applications.


Smart Energy Module

Permanently equip any property with digital energy management functionality.

The June Smart Energy Module (SEM) is a highly integrable smart metering module that fits any standard DIN rail in the main electricity switchboard. It was designed with ingenuity through simplicity in mind, for the electrician and data analyst alike.

It's easy to install, discreet, and does not require a wall socket since it draws power from the main line. Once installed, it stays put and keeps on working - no configuration required.

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Stable standalone communications 

The SEM uses the NarrowBand Internet-of-Things  (NB-IoT) network, which offers great reliability and extended over-the-air functionality.
It doesn't require an internet connection and can start transmitting data immediately following installation. Activation, firmware updates and data interval configuration can all be remotely handled by an administrator.
For very detailed measurements the device can continuously record and transmit to the cloud in real time, and set to trigger a notification message in case of an event. 



Standardised for the current,
ready for the future.

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